Episode 10 – Eric Chatham

Our friend Eric Chatham talks about his obsessive period with motorcycling and how he evolved into a traveling RV lifestyle and his current RV related gig in Washington state.

4 comments on “Episode 10 – Eric Chatham

  1. Bradford K Massey says:

    Well it was good to finally hear the true story about Eric and the Phase 3. I’ve only ever heard Marvin’s version of that as he was trying to defend his position on this weird decision to leave someone behind. In defense of the cruiser guys (Jocko, Barry and myself) who worked with Marvin, when we started riding with him, we understood this was a longstanding rule started by his BMW riding group. So– the real truth is this is a Marvin Rule concocted and put in place BY MARVIN so that MARVIN isn’t inconvenienced on his vacation. 😉 And to be honest about it we gave Marvin so much hell about leaving another rider behind after it happened with Eric that when it did happen to Jocko, Marvin knew he would never hear the end of it if he even mentioned a Phase 3 on that trip. Anyway– good show guys and thanks for keeping us up to date Eric. Sounds like you and your wife are living the dream and I am a little envious of you. Take care and hopefully we’ll see you all soon.

  2. Phillip says:

    Thanks for your comments Brad. I knew that Phase 3 thing would be a good item for Eric to give his version of. Hopefully the trauma of it won’t have any long standing effects on our “traveling” buddy and eventually he will be in a position to join us again for a ride to Kickstand.

  3. Marvin Wilson says:

    BRAD.. Eric did not recall the entire story. There were multiple bikes and riders on that ride and we all tried to get his bike started. Jump start no go, push start no go, checked fuses, googled it. Etc. Eric explored option of having bike towed to Chattanooga BMW but could not get there before they closed, thought of tow and getting hotel in Chattanooga and going to dealer Saturday morning. He thought of hotel in tellico and tow next day and then he moved onto leaving his bike in tellico at tow lot and riding two up with someone in our group to robbinsville/Kickstand, a ride of 2 hours, getting there at 7:30 in evening. Essentially in time to have a couple beers and go to bed. Then getting up at 6:00 Saturday morning and someone in group transporting him back to tellico (2hours) so he could be at tow yard when they open at 8:00 to tow his bike somewhere. Carrie was riding with me so no room for Eric and nobody else jumped at Eric’s idea to ride with them. We discussed amongst ourselves as Eric wished he had bike serviced after same issue occurred 2 months prior. we relayed to him that he was was in tellico, lodging and food available and that’s where he should stay with his bike and so he was phase 3’d. A logical choice considering all options. Evidently Eric was traumatized and thereafter he prayed and verbally taunted me every chance he got that I would have mechanical troubles so he could phase 3 me.

    The phase 3 term has created a lot of laughter and jokes over the years. I’ve helped riders and been helped myself and each situation is different..but nobody but Eric has been left behind! 😂

    1. Phillip says:

      Thanks for making that a little clearer Marvin. It seems like all the interesting stuff happened when I was not along on the rides. The phase 3 incident. C.A. injuring himself moving the tree…and probably others. There WAS some comical events when I was along also though, like my “ponytail” caper when we camped that time. I need to talk about that in the podcast sometime.

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