Episode 17 – James Bridge-Butler Chat

James joins us from England, where he has enjoyed motorcycle riding for many years. In this episode Phil and James discuss the internet forums and how they have shaped the motorcycling community. They also review James’ riding history, the various bikes he has owned and the camaraderie that most all bikers seem to have.

The bike forums discussed in this episode include;

  1. R1150R.net , which originally was a forum for that particular bike, but now includes many more models. 
  2. Visordown.com , which no longer is a community forum as it once was. These days it’s more of a motorcycling news magazine.

Once again our music comes from Steve Blakely – (Who Are) The Modern Cowboys of Today – Exzel Music Publishing (freemusicpublicdomain.com) Licensed under Creative Commons by Attribution. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0

3 comments on “Episode 17 – James Bridge-Butler Chat

  1. CycleRob says:

    Phil, I thought there was an error when your link took me to “Episode 17 – James Bridge-Butler Chat” and the guest was a Britt talking.
    It was also several minutes into Episode 17 before “RiceBurner” was mentioned! Your opening paragraph should be:
    “James (RiceBurner) joins us from England, where he . . .”
    At some point during winter I will have put together enough topics and notes to make an episode for you. In the meantime we’d all like to hear from these known “real talkers” (friends of mine): Boxermania, Beemeridian, OU812.

    Also, because of their great history on the board and prolific travelling: DJ Downunder, GypsyRR, touchton & wncbmw.

    1. Phillip says:

      Cyclerob! Excellent remarks regarding the intro verbiage. My problem is nervousness and anxiety concerning my audio equipment working properly when I get started with an interview. Before, I had my 2 brothers as co-hosts with radio background who helped me past those first few moments of the interviews, but for now I am going it alone. I just need to practice a little more in advance, I suppose. Haha
      After the session was all over, I thought about recording a different intro, but alas, I was too impatient and anxious to get it published. At any rate, thanks for commenting. I will work on those suggestions for future guests, and look forward to a recording session with you when you’re ready.

    2. RB says:

      I thought everyone knew I was from the UK. 😀

      I hope it’s an enjoyable listen though, I certainly enjoyed having a chat with Phil and it’s doubled my desire to get over to the US and meet some of the Beaksters sometime in the near future.
      I’ve not heard it through yet – I’m not sure I like the sound of my own voice, I think everyone has this though.

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