Episode 21 – Christmas Trees and More

Christmas Trees and More the three wise men talk for a bit about that classic Christmas decoration, the Tree.

Our illustrious hosts provide a 30 minute discourse on Christmas Trees and one particular character in Lloyd’s book Baby Blue; an old man named Manse Mobley. He doesn’t have anything to do with our topic but it is really hard to keep everyone focused. Just listen!

At History.com is the web page quoted in the discussion. The information about Christmas Trees comes mostly from that page.

Baby Blue – a novel by Lloyd Albritton can be purchased at Amazon for a very modest price. Kindle version or hardback.

Movie discussed in this episode was “The 12th Man“, a story of a Norwegian saboteur Jan Baalsrud in WW2 who struggled to find his way to neutral Sweden after a failed mission.

Intro and outro music by Jason Shaw provided under Creative Commons License at Audionautix.com

2 comments on “Episode 21 – Christmas Trees and More

  1. Jan says:

    Ronnie needs to figure out how to turn on subtitles when watching foreign movies. A few corrections to his very condensed synopsis of “The 12th Man”: 1. They were not “shot” down. The Norwegian sabotuers were disguised as a fishing boat when discovered and fired on by a German military vessel. 2. He (Jan Baalsrud) did not have a “club” foot. He lost his boot when diving overboard from the boat, then as he escaped he was shot in the foot which froze then turned gangrene and he had to sever 2 of his toes later on.

  2. Jan, thanks for your comment and corrections. Baalsrud was tougher than “Norwegian Wood”. Please “share” the podcast on your social media. Thanks

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