Episode 22 – Mark Cooperstein

Phil and Mark discuss motorcycling, and Mark relives a long 13,000 mile tour back in 1972.

The discussion forum mentioned, R1150R.net, still exists. A few of the original R1150R owners continue to visit there occasionally.

Hungry Mother State Park was mentioned in this episode as the location where we all meet once a year to ride bikes in western Virginia and West Virginia.

The R75 Toaster BMW purchased by Mark in the winter of ’71-’72 was a beautiful bike and way ahead of its time.

Intro and outtro music by Jason Shaw provided under Creative Commons License at Audionautix.com

2 comments on “Episode 22 – Mark Cooperstein

  1. Not enough wheels or protection around you when you’re jockeying for position going through Atlanta or any other mega City, road rash at the least is very uncomfortable …..Best to drive one of those stump jumpers…

  2. mac says:

    So Mark rode with the Hells Angels – on an airhead!
    Good job, Phil.

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