Episode 23 – Motorcycle Movies

Hollywood has often portrayed motorcycling as a rebellious act and outside of the normal societal activities. Our three hosts discuss a few motorcycling movies and the biker’s role in movies in general. But as always they get off topic and also talk a bit about some of the actors and musicians they like.

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Various actors and films are discussed in this episode. Below is a list with the IMDB link for each.

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3 comments on “Episode 23 – Motorcycle Movies

  1. Ronald Albritton says:

    Real good Fillup, came across clear and informative as far as we all know……

  2. James BB says:

    World’s Fastest Indian is definitely one of the better motorcycle films.
    If you want a good laugh (and can ignore the now unacceptable mores of the 1930s), George Formby’s “No Limit” is one of the best motorcycle films there is.
    If you like racing films: V4Victory has some stunning on-bike footage of the Isle of Man TT racing, and you need to pay attention to Joey Dunlop’s commentary….. it’s unbelieveable.
    ‘Silver Dream Racer’ is terrible ’70s schlock, but had some fun bike footage (taken during actual racing of that year’s GP, and the bike was a genuine British-built contender).

    And of course – I have to mention the bike scenes in ‘Paycheck’ 😀

  3. Phil Albritton says:

    Thanks James! I will definitely check out those others you noted..

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