Episode 25 – Getting Ready For Ride Season

Phil goes solo in this episode as he reviews the proper procedures for putting a winterized motorcycle back into service. The thought that we must keep in mind is being prepared physically and mentally for the new riding season…for the man/woman and the machine.

Intro and outtro music by Jason Shaw provided under Creative Commons License at Audionautix.com

Grand Tour of Georgia (GTGA) is an annual event in Georgia to raise money for The Dr. James B. Weaver, III Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund. It is hosted by Team Strange Airheads.

Giant bicycles, mentioned in the podcast.

Heavy’s BBQ is a barbeque place near Crawfordsville, GA and one of the checkpoints one must visit in the GTGA in 2021.

6 comments on “Episode 25 – Getting Ready For Ride Season

  1. Ronald Albritton says:

    Phillip, you should have mentioned our aged cousin who will be 89 on April 19th, Carlis Albritton, he has and still does ride all over the Atmore area, rain or shine and has done that for years……worn out quite a few bicycles over the years….Didn’t know you were off to the West next month, good luck on that flight and don’t forget to leave your nail clippers at home , other wise the robots will add them to their pile of seized property under the guise of your own good…

    1. Phillip says:

      Oops! I forgot about cousin Carlis riding his bike. That’s why I need co-hosts! Haha! That flight worries me…leaving out of Atlanta and having to take MARTA to and from the airport. Clint says he will make sure I make it to the MARTA station. I’ll be on my own after that. I haven’t flown since I went to the Philippines in 2014. Good suggestion concerning my nail clippers, but I wonder about my pill cutter device.

  2. Marvin says:

    Phil, I’m curious if that bicycle that was stolen off your carport was that “Target” bicycle I gave you? Also does that Giant bicycle you bought have two big wheels in the back with a wire basket between? 🤪

    1. Yes! That was the bicycle you gave me back in Woodstock. In Atmore I started riding it more but it needed a new rear tire/tube. Once I replaced the tire it was stolen within a week. Bad luck all around. This new Giant Escape 3 is a 2 wheeler hybrid and I keep it locked up in my workshop when not riding it. And I AM looking for a rack and basket for it. Haha.

  3. jb says:

    HeyPhil, Glad you’re getting the bike ready to ride.
    About that dead battery: I have a lithium-ion motorcycle jump star battery I carry.
    It’s about 3 1/2″ x 7″. Used it to start a neighbors car.
    If you carry jumper cables, any passing car could give you a “jump”.
    How about the Anonymous Book?
    Or use a SPOT locator to call for help.
    If you have cell service, call AAA.
    In all my miles and bikes, I’ve been stranded 3 times, a Honda with an electrical short, on the Triumph with the broken clutch lever, and the Chinese RX3 with a weak battery (got a jump from a guy at a convenience store).
    The “Adventure” doesn’t begin until things go wrong… 😉

    …called my son to bring the trailer

    1. Phil says:

      Thanks for the addendum JB. All good suggestions that we didn’t touch on. Maybe I could do another short podcast and have you tell us about your times being stranded, and how you reacted. I often stop my bike by just lowering the sidestand, then forget to turn off the key. Usually some attentive bystander will alert me that my headlight is still shining, or I will remember in time to save the battery too much drain. But once I left it like that in my brother’s driveway for a couple of hours only to need a jump when I got back on the bike. Fortunate for me I wasn’t on the side of the road somewhere.

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