Lil Chubb’s New Temporary Location

Last week I loaded up Lil Chubb and hauled her up to north Georgia for temporary storage. This has been an idea for many weeks and just now becoming a reality. I decided since the best riding months were coming up with various biking gettogethers and rallies planned that it would behoove me to keep my bike at my son’s house in Jefferson Georgia and just come back and forth from south Alabammy in my four wheeled vehicle which is much more comfortable traversing those hot miles on the slab.

There just so happened to be a second reason for going to my son’s place anyway. I just used the opportunity to haul the bike up there at this particular time. I needed to take a granddaughter visiting from Wyoming up to have a little play time with her cousins in Jefferson.

I loaded up the bike on the trailer on Tuesday afternoon and the next morning bright and early we headed the Nissan Frontier north with Lil Chubb pulled behind. We made it through Atlanta and on up I-85 to U.S. Highway 129 where we hung a right and proceeded to my son’s place back in the woods. Once I got her unloaded we took some time to rest and grab some grub. The next day I started her up and took a couple of rides out and about, with one grandchild wanting to ride along some. The others were too involved in video games and watching movies to have any interest in riding a motorcycle with grandpa. It was hot too.

The next day I found a spot for her out of the way and tucked her in for a couple of weeks until I return. She is covered with a tarp and well hidden from view by any possible ne’er-do-wells. My son is a Dekalb police officer and keeps his cruiser in the driveway when he’s not at work, so this should also be some discouragement for possible thieves.

I plan to drive back up on the 18th of August to change vehicles and ride her up to Hungry Mother State Park in Marion, Virginia. Cant wait for that, but the days will fly by and soon I’ll be on two wheels again.