She Was a Hungry Mother

That phrase can be stated, or taken, in any one of several ways. But for me, at this particular time it is only a small part of a story related to an event that occurred in western Virginia many moons ago. The story is a tragedy relating to the native Americans and settlement people in those parts back then. As the story goes…and if I may paraphrase, since I don’t have the time or desire to do proper research on the actual event…a small settlement of people- perhaps only a few families- was set upon by local native Americans and slaughtered to a man, and woman…EXCEPT one small boy child who could barely talk and was so small and quiet he managed to escape unhurt. When he got up nerve enough to begin wandering down the mountain alone it must have taken him several days before he ran into another white human being. The only two words he managed to say were the two words closest to his memory and heart at this instant; Hungry! and Mother? The area forever became known as Hungry Mother, and later officially named Hungry Mother State Park. The native Americans were driven out by this time and motorcyclists from around the world…or at least the 5 neighboring states, found their way there to camp and ride the many curvy roads in the region. This motley group dubbed themselves “The Bikers Dozen”… because there was about 12 of them.

Every year around the middle of August these fellows gather for two or three days at loop C in the park and camp. They take their bikes for rides during the days and try to wear down the sides of the tires to match the middle worn treads. Its a lot of fun and very tiring! Last weekend this occurred yet again and there were 8 or 9 hardy riders haling from Ohio, Maryland, Alabama, North Carolina and Virginia.

The weather was pleasant for the most part. This rider arrived Thursday afternoon along with 3 others and we experienced a night of wetness, but nothing torrential or storm-like. Just enough to make sleeping good and going out to pee a misery.

Friday morning we gathered at the new Sur 81 restaurant near I-81 for breakfast. This same location, for many years, was the Appletree where we spent many dollars, and hours, buying food and drink. Sur 81 may turn out to also be a regular place at this ride event, albeit a little classier than the Appletree. It is simply in an ideal location for impromptu gatherings at the beginning or end of a riding day…and there is a Valero gas station right across the street.