About Us

About us? Well, let me tell you. Slablog has evolved into a two prong venture. One of my aspirations with Slablog all those years ago was to ride around the country enjoying the many beautiful places this land has to offer while at the same time meeting new and interesting people to blog about. It was never meant to be solely a travelogue, but to profile interesting and wonderful characters along the way. I posted photos of places and explained my biking travels and misadventures and my friends loved it! But I really never achieved that goal of being another Charles Kuralt “on the road”. I absolutely worshipped Charles Kuralt, and wanted to do something similar while touring on my motorcycle. I had in mind making small videos or recordings but mainly relying on the written account documented in Slablog. Fast forward to now and it seems the planets have finally aligned, the technology offers a premier platform, and I can bond with my brothers as we age gracefully into the 21st century. All this while having a blast!

Slablog podcasting adds that “special” dimension to my never forgotten dream plan, and combined with the Slablog blog, we, my siblings and I, have something we can really have fun with here in our small town USA. Two of my brothers with whom I am partnering for this podcast, have a modicum of experience in the radio talk show realm. They hosted an interview style radio show a couple of years ago at the local radio station and between the two of them garnered quite a following of friends and family here on the local scene. Podcasting has the potential to reach a much wider audience but, for a while anyway, we will be talking to those same small town people. Using that down-home folksy charm they exuded I don’t think the theme of “motorcycling” will make much difference at all. A lot of people may listen to hear about us discussing motorcycles, but will eventually get caught up in the 3 way comedy banter that we have always engaged in when we are together. I’m relying on that.

about us boys

Ronnie, my eldest brother, has a background in law enforcement but has an uncanny ability to remember number sets, like phone numbers, birthdays and social security numbers or most everything else about us. He also has a dry but sharp wit that is disarming. His discussions and jokes will keep us all on our toes. My second eldest brother, Lloyd, is the consummate salesman. He also is an author with two books under his belt at this time. One legal/criminal fiction piece, “Baby Blue” has garnered quite a bit of attention. Lloyd was quite successful at selling. So, as you might guess, he lives up to the old stereotype of a salesman not being able to stop talking. But often he’s the one with the really prying and interesting questions when involved in a discussion. Look for that. As for me, in addition to my artistic side, I have a life long love of motorcycling; riding them and discussing them with anyone who will engage me. I also have three younger siblings who from time to time will be a part of our little “show”.

I don’t know if you can gather much about us from my few words here, but I am really excited about Slablog again. The blog will act more as a support feature for the podcast but using this WordPress platform is ideal for what we want to do. Look for one podcast a week lasting for about 15 minutes each, with discussions and blog posts in between, as each of us feel inclined to contribute. So, as is often said among bikers, “keep the rubber side down” and watch out for us. Here we come!