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She Was a Hungry Mother

That phrase can be stated, or taken, in any one of several ways. But for me, at this particular time it is only a small part of a story related to an event that occurred in western Virginia many moons ago. The story is a tragedy relating to the native Americans and settlement people in […]

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Lil Chubb’s New Temporary Location

Last week I loaded up Lil Chubb and hauled her up to north Georgia for temporary storage. This has been an idea for many weeks and just now becoming a reality. I decided since the best riding months were coming up with various biking gettogethers and rallies planned that it would behoove me to keep […]

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The Grand Tour of Georgia 2021

Once again I attempt to embark on the Grand Tour of Georgia. Last year I barely got started in August and I got sick with what I still believe was Covid19. I recovered handsomely but never got back on the road to complete the tour. This year I am at it again, and the theme […]

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Slablog Staff Busy Busy Busy

Our Slablog staff has recently been developing a content density study for our upcoming new format. We all have spent the better part of April and May doing research into the traveling habits of motorcyclists in Wyoming and North Georgia here in the United States. Two elite members of our staff were needed to investigate […]

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