Episode 17 – James Bridge-Butler Chat

James joins us from England, where he has enjoyed motorcycle riding for many years. In this episode Phil and James discuss the internet forums and how they have shaped the motorcycling community. They also review James’ riding history, the various bikes he has owned and the camaraderie that most all bikers seem to have.

The bike forums discussed in this episode include;

  1. , which originally was a forum for that particular bike, but now includes many more models. 
  2. , which no longer is a community forum as it once was. These days it’s more of a motorcycling news magazine.

Once again our music comes from Steve Blakely – (Who Are) The Modern Cowboys of Today – Exzel Music Publishing ( Licensed under Creative Commons by Attribution.

Episode 16-Wayne Bowyer Interview-Part 2

The second, and final, part of Wayne’s interview session. He discusses his long trip and other motorcycling adventures.

This episode is part two of the Wayne Bowyer interview. Wayne talks about his long ride to west Texas, among other things. Music is from the Internet Archive – Cratediggers Collection Written and recorded by Bob “Piece n’ Jam” Connor – Capgras & Fregoli Recordings [email protected] – CFR-005 – Bob “Piece n’ Jam” Connor, The Two Track Demons

More info about the Airhawk seat cushion Waynes raves about can be found at Airhawk Web Site

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Two Part Podcast

Just this past week I published a Podcast interview with Wayne Bowyer, which was just the first half of our recorded conversation. On October 5 – I believe that is Monday – I have the second half of that conversation scheduled to publish. You don’t want to miss that second part!

Wayne talks about his ride from Staunton, Virginia to San Angelo, Texas back last year on his old R1150R BMW, plus we get into some more philosophical ideas about what makes people love to ride motorcycles and what we enjoy about it.

The next Episode after Wayne’s two-parts are published, will be a kind of surprise discussion between me and two fellows who have been riding far longer than I. The plan is to record that sometime over the next couple weeks around a lunch table somewhere near Marietta or Roswell, GA. It depends on where they choose for lunch that day. The two guys are Bob Cramer and C.A. Ernst. If you know them you won’t want to miss their stories, and if you DON’T know who they are you STILL don’t want to miss it. So keep an eye out here at Slablog for that episode coming up. If my count is right it should be episode 18.

Episode 15-Wayne Bowyer Interview-Part 1

This episode is a casual discussion with my friend Wayne Bowyer, from Staunton, Virginia. Wayne talks about his experience with Guillame-Barre syndrome and his motorcycle life over the years.

Episode 14 – Ron Curtis Interview

Ron Curtis joins us from Georgia where he discusses his riding and the Zen of motorcycling to become more “mindful” and relaxed.

Back On Track

These last couple of months have taken a toll on us all. I don’t think the social isolation has bothered some of us much, but for others it has been traumatic. Combine that with the fact that many businesses that we simply took for granted before, were forced to just pause operations, and if they were not financially secure enough to take that “pause” from income coming in, they had a hard time surviving. Many closed for good! Others must henceforth alter their mode of doing business.

In the meantime, we here at Slablog Podcasts decided to limit our times recording together and began only doing 2 podcasts per month. I like that schedule better actually. It gives us time to line up other possible guests. The interviews also last longer. Thirty minutes, as opposed to 15 minute chats. The time increase allows us to talk more casually and more at length with our guests without worrying about the time limit so much. It makes editing and post production much easier for me also. It seems approximately 30 minutes is a good podcast time anyway. One hour seems too much and can become very boring. Fifteen minutes just isn’t enough to develop a conversation very well.

We are recording an interview with a guest today and will be publishing it about June 1st. Our guest will be another motorcycling buddy of mine, Ron Curtis, that I left behind in Georgia when I moved south. He has agreed to call in and catch up a little and talk about what he’s been up to, motorcycle wise. Look for that podcast in about a week and a half.

Another idea we’re tossing around is doing short 5 min interviews on the street or in public places remotely then publishing those as bonus content under the title of “Slablog Shorts”. Lloyd and I will have to be mindful of possible opportunities as we go about our days and carry a small remote recording device around with us. This will also be a way to get short interviews at motorcycle gatherings, like rallies and group rides.

Episode 13 – Interview With J.B.

After our break we decided to interview my old riding pal, J.B. who tells us about his crash back in 2004.

Episode 10 – Eric Chatham Interview

Our friend Eric Chatham talks about his obsessive period with motorcycling and how he evolved into a traveling RV lifestyle and his current RV related gig in Washington state.

Episode 7 – Glenn, The North Country Adventurer

Glenn joins us from Cullman and talks about his adventures in north Alabama