Giving Thanks This Week

Giving thanks this week? Sure! Here it is November again! I swear the months are just zipping right on by, and I do believe I am getting less done all the while. I can’t seem to catch up on the projects associated with my workshop, but progress is being made-just not rapidly.

In two days it will be Thanksgiving Day and everybody is supposed to express their gratitude by feasting on turkey and some jellied cranberry sauce all day. Most working people have a couple of days off and most kids are out of school, even if they weren’t stuck learning at home anyway due to the pandemic. The day will be filled with eating, sleeping, shopping, more sleeping, more eating, watching football games and of course eating even more. Pies, turkey dressing, cake, ham maybe and lots of breaded items. It’s a great day! Better than Christmas for a lot of folks.


I am spending this week with my little bride up in Kennesaw, Georgia where she insists on working, but Saturday I will head back south to my little cottage in Atmore and renew my relationship with my cat, who probably thinks I have died. I also will reconvene the Slablog Podcast hosts to record another rousing episode.

This past month has seen our statistics increase remarkably but we’re still down so low in the rankings we aren’t even on anybody’s radar yet. I mean like maybe 300 unique downloads this month where we have been averaging about 120 or so since January. It’s a¬†numbers¬†game. The more episodes we publish, the higher the likelihood that someone will stumble across one and give it a listen. Who knows where we will be next November, if we continue to put out content as we move forward.

Here’s hoping for a super Turkey day for everyone and a wonderful Christmas coming up. Look for our holiday episode in the coming days-maybe in a week or so-and don’t forget to “Share” the podcast with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. They’ll thank you for it!


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