Halloween Update

The end of October is upon us and podcasting continues, albeit very slowly. The last couple of interviews have been without my cohosts but I haven’t forgotten about them. They are my brothers, after all, and their contribution to the discussions adds a certain element of rustic humor to the mix. I hope to have one or both of them rejoin me periodically for a discussion here and there, probably without a guest, but occasionally with a call in guest.

Recently I made a technological breakthrough regarding my podcasting skills. I was able to record via Skype and get a reasonably good track of an interview with an old friend from the R1150R forum, Riceburner! I found a couple of issues that I need to address, about the audio quality, but it turned out okay for the first try. Give that one a listen when you get a chance.

I continue to get a good recording of two other friends that I have had lunch with a couple of times these last few weeks and the one recording I made was just horrible! Totally unusable. So I’m giving it another try tomorrow and doing it a different way if they cooperate. I am using a small handheld Sony audio recorder and its usually pretty good at picking up a decent track that I can improve on in post production, but the other challenge is getting my guests to speak into it at the appropriate times and of course the background noise that goes along with a lunch discussion in a busy eating establishment. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.

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