The Rebirth of Slablog

About 10 or 12 years ago I started writing a journal, or blog, of sorts based on my motorcycle travels and experiences. It contained all sorts of stories and photos from my various adventures riding and working on my bike and others’ machines and it kept me busy relating my hobby to the world. I slowly moved away from doing so many posts there and have given it up a couple of times, only to start back up and revive the old Slablog sense of biking adventures as best I could.

I don’t ride much these days. Not near as much as I did back between 2003 and 2012. My first BMW took me over 80,000 wonderful miles and after trading it for a smaller BMW twin cylinder I just never got that thrill back. I did continue to tour and ride but these last couple of years since moving to the flat lands of south Alabama, I just don’t ride very much. I turned 70 years old a few days ago and I have to admit that has something to do with the waning thrill of riding.

I continued Slablogging for as long as I could come up with somewhat interesting content, but eventually lost interest altogether in blogging and shut down the Slablog web site, but started another one for my art work. I call it Then I got another idea!

A few years ago my two older brothers had a small local radio show here in our small town and became quite popular with the local people with their discussions, interviews and comic banter back and forth. They did this 5 mornings a week for quite some time and then had to abandon it when the radio station changed ownership and fired them. My current Slablog idea involves using their personalities to take up where they left off but doing it a little different. We will be producing podcasts and the theme will be about motorcycling and motorcycles. They don’t really know much about motorcycling, but I think their ability to discuss, interview, tell stories and joke around in general will keep the production lively. My job is to line up people to talk to in order to create some good content, and do the “backend” internet/computer stuff to keep it going. Bookmark this site and check in occasionally to see what we’re up to. I don’t think it will be boring.

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