Two Part Podcast

Just this past week I published a Podcast interview with Wayne Bowyer, which was just the first half of our recorded conversation. On October 5 – I believe that is Monday – I have the second half of that conversation scheduled to publish. You don’t want to miss that second part!

Wayne talks about his ride from Staunton, Virginia to San Angelo, Texas back last year on his old R1150R BMW, plus we get into some more philosophical ideas about what makes people love to ride motorcycles and what we enjoy about it.

The next Episode after Wayne’s two-parts are published, will be a kind of surprise discussion between me and two fellows who have been riding far longer than I. The plan is to record that sometime over the next couple weeks around a lunch table somewhere near Marietta or Roswell, GA. It depends on where they choose for lunch that day. The two guys are Bob Cramer and C.A. Ernst. If you know them you won’t want to miss their stories, and if you DON’T know who they are you STILL don’t want to miss it. So keep an eye out here at Slablog for that episode coming up. If my count is right it should be episode 18.

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