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Episode 25 – Getting Ready For Ride Season

Phil goes solo in this episode as he reviews the proper procedures for putting a winterized motorcycle back into service. The thought that we must keep in mind is being prepared physically and mentally for the new riding season…for the man/woman and the machine.

Intro and outtro music by Jason Shaw provided under Creative Commons License at

Grand Tour of Georgia (GTGA) is an annual event in Georgia to raise money for The Dr. James B. Weaver, III Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund. It is hosted by Team Strange Airheads.

Giant bicycles, mentioned in the podcast.

Heavy’s BBQ is a barbeque place near Crawfordsville, GA and one of the checkpoints one must visit in the GTGA in 2021.

Episode 24 – Talking with Tommy Pilgrim

Phil and Tommy Pilgrim talk about Tommy’s life as a motorcyclist.

Episode 23 – Motorcycle Movies

Slablog’s three host delve into motorcycle movies in this episode.

Episode 22 – Mark Cooperstein

It was 1972 in upstate New York, and three long haired hippie types headed out on BMW bikes for an epic 13,000 mile ride west…headed for San Francisco

Episode 21 – Christmas Trees and More

The three wise men talk for a bit about that classic Christmas decoration, the beautiful Christmas Tree.

Episode 20 – A Visit with Bob Cramer

A visit with Bob Cramer. My friend from Georgia, Bob Cramer, discusses his experience riding from Munich, Germany down to Turin, Italy. Just CLICK the title above.

Episode 19 – All About Shoes

Our three hosts take a few minutes to discuss footwear; Shoes of all kinds. A dry subject perhaps, until three old guys from south Alabama put their spin on it. Click on title above to listen!

Episode 17 – James Bridge-Butler Chat

In this episode Phil and James discuss the internet forums and how they have shaped the motorcycling community. CLICK title above to listen!

Episode 16-Wayne Bowyer Interview-Part 2

This episode is part two of the Wayne Bowyer interview. Wayne talks about his long ride to west Texas, among other things.

Episode 15-Wayne Bowyer Interview-Part 1

This episode is a casual discussion with my friend Wayne Bowyer, from Staunton, Virginia. Click title above!