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Episode 17 – James Bridge-Butler Chat

James joins us from England, where he has enjoyed motorcycle riding for many years. In this episode Phil and James discuss the internet forums and how they have shaped the motorcycling community. They also review James’ riding history, the various bikes he has owned and the camaraderie that most all bikers seem to have.

The bike forums discussed in this episode include;

  1. , which originally was a forum for that particular bike, but now includes many more models. 
  2. , which no longer is a community forum as it once was. These days it’s more of a motorcycling news magazine.

Once again our music comes from Steve Blakely – (Who Are) The Modern Cowboys of Today – Exzel Music Publishing ( Licensed under Creative Commons by Attribution.

Episode 16-Wayne Bowyer Interview-Part 2

The second, and final, part of Wayne’s interview session. He discusses his long trip and other motorcycling adventures.

This episode is part two of the Wayne Bowyer interview. Wayne talks about his long ride to west Texas, among other things. Music is from the Internet Archive – Cratediggers Collection Written and recorded by Bob “Piece n’ Jam” Connor – Capgras & Fregoli Recordings [email protected] – CFR-005 – Bob “Piece n’ Jam” Connor, The Two Track Demons

More info about the Airhawk seat cushion Waynes raves about can be found at Airhawk Web Site

Check out this episode!



Yes, I have been AWOL. Away WithOut Leave. That’s a military status and I am not in the military anymore but it succinctly defines my status nonetheless.

Slablog is still up and running but we haven’t done any interviews or posted anything in quite a while. It’s mainly because my stomach hurts! Yes, my health downturn has taken a toll on my excitement for Slablog…or podcasting these last few weeks.

I attended an annual Hungry Mother get together in Virginia on August 21, 22 and was having intestinal issues then but recuperated somewhat only to come down with a sinus and gut infection that caused me to think I had Covid 19. I didn’t eat anything but liquids for about 2 weeks and lost some 20 pounds. Once I consulted a doctor back home in Alabama he ordered a big dose of broad spectrum antibiotics, a week of steroids and a Covid test. The test came back negative, but my stomach still aches. Fast forward a bit to today and I am taking some pro/prebiotics to give me back some good bacteria in my gut biome. At least I am back to eating somewhat normal. When I was the sickest, normal food smelled and tasted wretched! I recall distinctly peanut butter smelled like dirty socks!


I haven’t given up on Slablog. If I had, this web site and my podcast host would have been canceled…fired…gone by now. It doesn’t cost that much to hold onto them, and I had a lot of fun doing it when I felt good…so I will try to continue one day soon.

If you read this, just put this web site as a favorite and depending on your browser settings, you may be notified of new content. Don’t go to Facebook! I’m leaving Facebook and Twitter as a place to profile Slablog so you have to just return here and check.

The format for the Podcast will probably be a little different, but I want to continue talking to and recording conversations with fellow motorcyclists and enthusiasts. I just enjoy that. If I ever get back out on the road touring around the country, I’ll carry my portable recorder and get as many conversations with random people that I can.

In the meantime, send me a word of encouragement or suggestions…or even let me know if you’d like to be on the Podcast. I would literally be ecstatic to interview just about anybody!

That’s about it for now. Keep the rubber side down and stay between the lines!

Back On Track

These last couple of months have taken a toll on us all. I don’t think the social isolation has bothered some of us much, but for others it has been traumatic. Combine that with the fact that many businesses that we simply took for granted before, were forced to just pause operations, and if they were not financially secure enough to take that “pause” from income coming in, they had a hard time surviving. Many closed for good! Others must henceforth alter their mode of doing business.

In the meantime, we here at Slablog Podcasts decided to limit our times recording together and began only doing 2 podcasts per month. I like that schedule better actually. It gives us time to line up other possible guests. The interviews also last longer. Thirty minutes, as opposed to 15 minute chats. The time increase allows us to talk more casually and more at length with our guests without worrying about the time limit so much. It makes editing and post production much easier for me also. It seems approximately 30 minutes is a good podcast time anyway. One hour seems too much and can become very boring. Fifteen minutes just isn’t enough to develop a conversation very well.

We are recording an interview with a guest today and will be publishing it about June 1st. Our guest will be another motorcycling buddy of mine, Ron Curtis, that I left behind in Georgia when I moved south. He has agreed to call in and catch up a little and talk about what he’s been up to, motorcycle wise. Look for that podcast in about a week and a half.

Another idea we’re tossing around is doing short 5 min interviews on the street or in public places remotely then publishing those as bonus content under the title of “Slablog Shorts”. Lloyd and I will have to be mindful of possible opportunities as we go about our days and carry a small remote recording device around with us. This will also be a way to get short interviews at motorcycle gatherings, like rallies and group rides.

Episode 11 – Ian Scobie Chat

Ian Scobie, a very likable bloke from the UK, chats with us about his motorcycling habit and life during the pandemic of 2020.

Pandemic Inspired

Having the whole world locked down and staying home has spawned a new kind of entertainment and content broadcasting. I see innovative ways the internet is being used to bring talent and information to us that were not used so extensively before.


I’m wondering if the “forced” trend will bring about some radical changes in the way the internet is used. Television also has undergone some unique approaches to the confinement restraints. News shows are synchronized broadcasts with each participant sitting in his/her own living space at home. Talk shows have the host at home using a laptop and cameras to do just about the same things they did in a studio…all dressed up. Of course getting the bands to play together requires a little more thought and effort…and technological uses unheard of until now.

The medium of digital sounds tapped into from servers all over the world bring us front porch concerts and podcasts galore. It reminds me of the old 40s radio shows where folks sat down in front of the radio and enjoyed sounds from all over; songs, radio dramas, talk shows and game shows.

I don’t think things will ever be back to what we called “normal” before all this happened. Too many discoveries have been made out of the necessity to just keep going. Its similar to what happened, albeit at a slower pace, when news outlets and magazines discovered they could send out content over the internet instead of selling hard copies at physical newsstands on street corners and storefronts across the globe.

I don’t know if Slablog will benefit from all this or be harmed. I really don’t. I guess that all depends on the quality of content we manage to dispense and how long we can keep it up. I am editing Episode 11 tonight and tomorrow morning, and expect to have it published tomorrow sometime. Ronnie and I chatted with Ian Scobie today, a UK lad who rides an old K75 BMW with a small trailer in tow. He hails from Columbus, Georgia these days but is a Brit through and through. I’ve known Ian through my motorcycling hobby for many years now and he is a quality mensch! I hope you enjoy his words.

Episode 10 – Eric Chatham Interview

Our friend Eric Chatham talks about his obsessive period with motorcycling and how he evolved into a traveling RV lifestyle and his current RV related gig in Washington state.

Episode 9 – Pootie Barnhill, Snipisode 2

The hosts discuss dreams, out of body experiences and coronavirus…And present the second installment of Pootie Barnhill’s Life and Times.

Episode 8 – Charles Barnard Interview

Our three hosts have a fun interview with guest Charles Barnard from Georgia.