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Episode 7 – Glenn, The North Country Adventurer

Glenn joins us from Cullman and talks about his adventures in north Alabama

Slablog Public Service Announcement

You may have noticed a slight lull in the podcasting action here at Slablog this past week. Not to worry.

Tomorrow, Saturday, we expect to have the full crew together here at recording central to record two podcasts back to back. One over the phone and one in person. The one over the phone is a fellow rider from Cullman Alabama who has agreed to give us some insight into his adventures on the backroads and trails up in his area. That should be of interest to all you adventure riders out there. Our guest coming here in person is none other than Steve Reynolds himself! Steve is an accomplished runner and Iron-Man participant who also just happens to love motorcycling.

So, make sure you “Subscribe” to Slablog when you listen, so you automatically receive all episodes as they are published. There are buttons for subscribing at all the popular podcast venues; Apple iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Play.

Episode 6 – Marvin the Wildlife Slayer

Marvin talks about his history as a motorcyclist and using his R1150GS as a wildlife liquidating device.

Episode 5 – Where Do We Stand

The three hosts put their heads together to discuss and solve some growing issues with the podcast development.

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Moving Along


My two compadres and I are busy lately trying to get everything working like its supposed to for the Slablog Podcast and Blog. I launched a Slablog specific web page…here…just to accommodate the associated Podcast. Making the web site work seamlessly with LibSyn, our podcast host, is a chore for me working out all the kinks and making the feed compliant with iTunes is time consuming. Then on top of that, we have to get our recording studio devices like microphones, software, and computers to cooperate as well in order to create a good audio recording. That part of it is also evolving as we go. More and better equipment will soon be coming our way in the form of two nice mics and stands which are being donated to the cause.

Once all that is ironed out and we have a good recording environment equipped with adequate tools and software, we have to continue to figure out where we can find guests for the show, then create some meaningful and/or comedic value for our listeners. It is a fun project, but in order to be able to keep going and justify the expenses incurred we have to have good enough content to build a listener/subscriber base. That doesn’t happen overnight.

So keep checking in here at for the latest. If you go to iTunes Podcasts you can search for Slablog then “Subscribe” to the show. That way each new episode will automatically download to your device.

Episode 1-Introduction

Our three hosts discuss podcasts and the Slablog theme.